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How do I unlock Nokia SL3 phones?

These phones require special servers to bruteforce, or crack their unlock codes. We run an extensive server cluster dedicated to just this service. You need to read the phones LOG, or hash value, using unlocking hardware (Fenix, Cyclone, MXKey, etc). That log is uploaded to our server, and a code is provided to you when it is ready. 

If you do not have access to this software, we can provide you the software under the "Nokia USB Log Reader" tab in the customer area. There is a nominal fee for single uses, and wholesale rates available if you need many phones unlocked.


We can handle over 300 orders daily, so do not worry about days or weeks turnover time like other services. An updated estimated time is displayed above. 

You don't need to run a cellphone business to unlock your phone. We can help you step by step to unlock your Nokia easily and safely. 

Nokia unlocking starts at $20 per credit, with significant savings for quantity orders. You can contact us at any time by using the Contact link above.

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